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The Toughest Workout you’ll ever Do – the P90x

by David Jenksin
(Detroit, MI)

If you are ready to submit yourself to the toughest workout you will ever do, you’ll want to take a look at doing the grueling, but very beneficial P90x.

The first workouts will kick your butt, and that is saying it mildly.

Day 1 is all pushups and pullups. It’s 5 different kinds of pushups, 3-4 different kinds of pull ups, and 3 different lifts of the dumb bells.

You do all of it twice in a 40 minute or so time span, then you have about 15 minutes of cool down and break periods for stretching. Trust me, you’ll be begging for your mother during this first break!

Day 2 is plyometrics, which will have you walking stiff and sore for a couple days after doing it. It takes a lot of motivation to set aside that hour or so of time each day to do it. Then you do triceps, shoulders and biceps then yoga, then legs, then kickboxing.

It starts off kind of corny, but don't think you're too cool to do the warmups or the goofy things they have you do to get started, because if you get into it, you will definitely feel the results, and the next time you do that particular video you can tell that you've made progress.

Be prepared to eat too. A lot. You'll be burning a ton of calories.

That said, after a couple weeks my arms are bigger, my chest is tightening back up, capable of going harder on the cardio things etc.

I think you really start to notice the difference once you get into weeks 7-8 after you've done it for awhile and your body adapts to the pounding.


Do you need a little more help with your weight?

Note from Dr. Dan

The P90X is a very well designed workout program. But make no mistake, it is not for beginners.

It is for people who are already in very good condition and want to make improvements in their muscular conditioning.

Dr. Dan

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