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The Restaurant That Makes You Fat

by Mubeen Iqbal
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Food has always been my weak point and when it comes to dieting there is no bigger problem in the world to avoid eating.

I had always been a food lover and that has made me gain weight constantly over the last three years.

I mostly dine outside in some restaurant. My favorite restaurant is the Mei Kong Chinese restaurant and I dine there mostly.

But the constant gaining of weight made me conscious and I started to diet. It was then that I realized that my favorite restaurant Mei Kong is the world's worst restaurant when it comes to dieting.

Mei Kong is situated in the bright city of Pakistan which is known as Lahore. The restaurant sits in the Barkat Market Lahore.

And since when I am dieting when ever I pass through Barkat market I look at Mei Kong with hungry eyes. It's so hard to avoid that restaurant when dieting since their food is of amazingly delicious quality and highly sumptuous.

So even when I was on dieting I couldn't stop going to Mei Kong for more than four days and on the fifth day I was sitting again on the well decorated table of Mei Kong restaurant eating three to four different dishes all on my own.

This made the tough dieting work I had done of no use to me and moreover I gained even more weight.

The food is so good that I keep on overeating. What more they have is that they offer great deals such as one dish free with three dishes so I usually order three dishes to get the fourth one for free.

They have got delicious desserts too so I also take one of their special desserts after meal.

So to conclude I would say that the Mei Kong restaurant made me fat!

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The cure for the lure of a restaurant
by: Dr. Dan


I feel your pain. Eating four dishes on your own, plus dessert! What to do?

The only thing I ever found to really beat the cravings is jogging, or long walks if you can't jog.

When you exercise and really work up a sweat something magical happens in your body. Your body needs exercise to function the way it is supposed to. Without enough activity nothing works right. Your hormones, blood flow, metabolism, none of that works right until you start working your heart and muscles.

But when you do get enough exercise everything changes. Your skin, your mind, your eyes, your mood and outlook and your appetite all become better and healthier with enough exercise. It is as close as you can get to the one perfect solution.

Dr. Dan

Bad restaurant
by: Anonymous

Your restaurant is Chinese (Mei Kong restaurant).

Chinese restaurants, in my opinion, don't take good care of the food they are serving to you.

Their menus consists of lots of calories which is not good for your health. You have to take care of your own diet.

It's better if the restaurant provides menus that show all food's nutritional breakdown, for example - fat, protein, calories, iron and others. First look before you order.

Of course in some Chinese restaurants this breakdown is not available, so just try to avoid these if you are trying to lose weight.

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