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The Protein Dilemma

by Kevin

What are some thoughts on proteins and how they work well not only in an everyday diet but also for weight-loss?

What would you recommend the daily intake of protein in grams, and what types of food sources do you recommend getting them from?

Also, protein supplements aren't among the most popular but remain an easy and convenient way to get protein throughout the day. What brand would you recommend most? Thank you.

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Protein and weight loss
by: Dr. Dan


Most "official" government recommendations for protein just do not have enough protein for weight loss, for two reasons.

One, the lean tissue in your body requires protein to build. You want to have an abundance so you have the right building blocks.

Second, there's only three things that provide calories -- protein, fat and carbohydrate. If you cut down the protein then you have to take in something else. And it will be fat or carbs. And you probably already have enough of those.

The easiest way to figure out how much protein to eat is with this protein, fat and carbohydrate calculator.

But in general, unless you have bad kidney trouble, you should be taking in about one gram of protein per pound (1/2 gram per kilogram)of body weight each day.

As far as protein supplements go, I use only American Whey protein. You can mix it with some milk or soy milk and add some ice to a blender and it tastes great.

I like it because it doesn't have artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet in it. NutraSweet is very harmful to your body and you should just never eat anything with NutraSweet, period, if you want to be healthy.

Dr. Dan

Proteins and how they work in your body
by: Mr. Kline

The basic function of proteins in your body is to build cells. Some of your body tissues and organs that consume large amounts of protein include your muscles (this is why weight lifters consume extra protein), and your small intestine (because of rapid cell turn over).

The role protein fills in your diet is to make sure you have enough for these and other functions. Like Dr. Dan said people of different weights require different amounts of protein.

Don't be afraid of over consuming protein in your regular diet if you eat normal food (unless you have kidney problems) protein is largely what tells our body that it is full and it doesn't need to eat anymore.

One way to use this to your advantage is to drink a glass of milk (or other drink high in protein) 30 minutes before your meal. This will make your body think it is full before you have started eating, this will help to keep you from over consuming food.

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