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The perfect body diet

by galiba

While studying we don’t take care of our diet. We just go openly for our studies.

After I finished my studies my mom started caring for my diet. She was worried about me.

She started to send me for a walk every morning. As I was going every morning continuously it became a habit.

I liked playing badminton so from the next day I started to play badminton with my sister. I did 50 minutes of brisk walking and 40 minutes of badminton.

If we are interested in anything we can do it easily. So I started to leave walking and continued badminton. Then after going home I used to do some exercise for my tummy because my tummy had increased.

Then I started to be serious about my diet. I searched in Google what are the things that have fat and the things which don’t have fat.

Then I prepared a diet.

Early morning when I wake up I used to drink a glass of hot water with honey and lemon juice and then go walking. After doing exercise I used to have my breakfast.

The following diet I followed for breakfast.
First take 1 glass of water and then have breakfast.

1. I had 2 idly (a south Indian cake) with curry leaf powder or tomato chutney (a mix of spices and vegetables cooked in vinegar and sugar). I avoided groundnut, coconut chutneys because they have cholesterol.

2. I had 2 dosa (a crepe made with rice and lentils) with above mentioned powder and chutney.

3. Chapati (flat bread cooked on a griddle) and curry with a little oil.

4. I had cornflakes with milk.

Before taking breakfast I used to have 4 almonds soaked in water overnight.

After 2 hours of gap I used to have cup of milk without sugar and a half apple, guava and pineapple.

Again after 2 hours gap


Have 1 glass of water

1. I used to take some salads like cucumber, carrot, tomato.

2. I used to take little quantity of rice with more curry.

I full egg in 1 week (or) egg white 3 days in week
In between you can have buttermilk.

Then after 2 hours gap I used to have some fruit and 1 cup milk.


First a glass of water.

1. Then some salad.

2. Two pulkas (wheat bread which puffs into ball when cooked directly over flame) with leafy vegetable.

Before bed I used to have a glass of buttermilk or water.

I followed this diet till my marriage was finished and I am continuing the diet still.

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