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The Mediterranean Diet

by Shania

The Mediterranean Diet that I tried changed my point of view towards life. Really to speak up the truth, it really worked for me!

I had tried various diets earlier, which claimed to make my body perfect and help me lose a bit of weight. But all claims have been false, and no diet plan actually worked.

Being a housewife, people always say to me that I have an easy life. But try and be in my seat only for two days and one gets to know how easy it is! I have two kids, who keep me busy throughout the day and one lazy husband who can't even get a glass of water on his own. Not to say about my in-laws, who are pretty old and need care and love.

With so many things to keep me occupied, what I tend to ignore is my health. In order to keep myself healthy and fit, I tried some diet programs, which failed totally in achieving the goal. Finally I got to know about the Mediterranean Diet from a source, which impressed me a lot.

Mediterranean diet helps one to lose weight and gives a surprise boost of energy. The concept is all about right eating and right cooking. Lot of importance is given on the use of oil in cooking. I was suggested to use olive oil in cooking, which really worked for me.

The best part about this diet is that the food tastes awesome, unlike all other diet foods. Though red meat was a total no-no, various other foods like spaghetti, vegetables, nuts, lean meat were allowed to be included. Fish can be eaten at least 3-4 times a week for the required intake of 'omega-3 fatty acids'.

Due to this, it wasn't a problem going to restaurants with friends, as I could always order some stir fried veggie or fish dishes. Sticking to this diet was not bad at all.

Though I was suggested to try this diet for 3 months, trust me, it’s been 5 months and I am still stuck to it.

Believe me guys! This diet has changed my perspective towards food and life.

In fact my husband was so impressed with my diet that he readily switched to it. I would definitely like to suggest this diet to everybody who wants to lose weight in the right sense.

When you're finally ready to lose weight...

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