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The Mediterranean Diet ( Really Just Healthy Eating!)

by Marie Carmel
(Boston, MS)

I had started this diet a few months ago because I had made up my mind that I need to start eating healthier. I have vitiligo, which is a loss of pigmentation color and I had read this was a good diet to help slow that down.

Then my hubby found out he had some medical issues that could lead to heart disease so his doctor suggested The Mediterranean diet. I was excited because now I had someone to start eating the same things I was going to eat.

I have to admit that this Mediterranean diet really doesn’t need to be called a diet. It needs to be just called a change of eating habits.

It is just a healthier eating lifestyle that we have chosen to do. Fresh vegetables and fruits are very good for you and they are encouraged in this Mediterranean diet.

We did have to go a huge cut back on the meats. We love pork and that is taken out completely.

Beef is not encouraged but if one is going to eat beef, it needs to be the leanest you can find.

Chicken and turkey and fish are recommended on this diet. I have learned how to incorporate turkey into our foods by substituting it for ground beef. It is not a bad substitution at all.

We have started adding baked or grilled salmon in our meals some also.

The easiest thing to remember was to eat all the green vegetables that we can. They are the healthiest.

We have also cut out all the processed foods and junk foods. That was our weaknesses but it has really been well worth it because of how much better it has helped us feel.

To lose weight is great but to actually see how eating healthier can make you feel better is even greater!

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