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The Infamous Grapefruit Diet

by Sherry T
(Kennebunk, Me.USA)

I remember trying this diet or a similar one many years ago. The belief was that the acid from the grapefruit helped to burn calories.

Back then for some reason,I believed that. Today, it is said that its not so much the grapefruit, but the other foods, and the fiber filling you up.

I did lose weight on this diet, years ago. I could manage to live on and eat the bland limited foods suggested, along with the grapefruit. But, having to do that now, is very hard.

While I can do the grapefruit part, the limitations of other foods is very difficult to do. Maybe the thought of there being so many tasty things available to eat, while on a diet, is the problem.

I find myself craving other more palatable foods, this time around. Thus, the diet failed me this time.

The diet is doable and will work, if you love grapefruit and have the determination and willpower to stick with it. And also are able to stick within the limitations of food.

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I'm not so sure about grapefruit for weight loss
by: Thea

I know grapefruit makes a good appetizer as it whets the taste buds and aside from the strong taste it does make my mouth feel clean.

I am not so sure about it being used for dieting though. I have heard of it being used and some people swear by it but my grapefruit diet did not prove that. It causes me to crave for other foods because it opens up my appetite.

I guess I could say I did not adhere to a strict diet but I can't imagine myself doing so. Not with this diet. I just end up with too huge a craving.

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