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The Hill -- Treadmill Workout To Sculpt Legs And Backside

by Samantha
(Illinois )

I am currently a college student and play basketball for the women's basketball team at my school.

We were the champions of our conference this year so everyone has high expectations regarding us as athletes. It's currently the off season and I've been working out five days a week.

I lift weights three days a week and do a light round of cardio. The other two days I strictly do cardio.

These cardio days are incredibly tough. I push myself in order to be the best basketball player I can.

I choose the treadmill for my workout because it simulates running in a game. I prefer to choose the "hill" setting on the treadmill and increase the speed so that I'm almost at a full sprint.

The treadmill will automatically change the incline while you are running which makes you work extra hard.

I will do this workout for twenty minutes, then stop and raise the incline so that I need to hold on the sides of the treadmill so that I do not fall off.

Then I do a brisk walk at this incline for about twenty minutes. I keep repeating the cycle until my legs feel like jelly and I just can't take it anymore. Usually that takes two hours.

After the workout I feel refreshed and my legs and backside feel really strong. I usually am sore afterwords but it goes away within a day.

I still do this workout out and I definitely recommend it to others who are looking to sculpt their legs and gain speed.

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