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The GI Diet Really Works

by Suzanne
(Dallas, TX)

I decided to purchase the book called the GI DIET after hearing so much about the low glycemic diets.

I've tried so many diets in the past, and all have worked to some extent or another.

The GI Diet is essentially a plan to remove all white flour, sugar, and other foods that raise your insulin level.

I found out that a fast rise in insulin causes us to store fat, and that if we eat foods that are low on the glycemic index, that our insulin levels stay low, and therefore, we lose weight.

I put everyone in our family on the diet, and we all lost over 30lbs each. The weight just kept coming off rather easily.

It was hard at first to stop eating anything with white flour or sugar, but after we got used to it, it was OK.

We ate 5 or 6 smaller meals every day, and these were high fiber, low glycemic foods. There are many on the list and the book is very easy to follow.

You can eat things like apples, oranges, and strawberries. Many diets won't allow you to eat fruits. Almonds and other types of nuts are also allowed.

High fiber breads, vegetables, and lean meats are encouraged as well.

Instructions are to fill your plate with a protein no bigger than the palm of your hand, then fill the other one third of your plate with brown rice, or whole wheat pasta, and finally, the last half of your plate with low glycemic veggies.

We never felt better, but unfortunately, when the Christmas holidays came around, we fell off the wagon, and eventually begin to revert to our old habits. We plan to go back on the diet soon.

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