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The Cindy Crawford Workout

by Marcy S.
(Chicago, IL, USA)

Many, many years ago, I happened across a VHS videotape of the most popular supermodel (at the time) demonstrating her secret workout to keep her supermodel's figure.

I was an impressionable, self-conscious pre-teen at the time, so I just had to try it.

The tape said I need some light hand weights, but some cans out of the pantry would do just great. Two fourteen ounce cans of peas later, and I'm doing the warmup right along with VHS Cindy.

Every time she says, "Raise your hands," I'm hearing, "Raise your cans!" So I'm going along with the workout, for a half hour or forty-five minutes, or however long it was, and I'm so young it doesn't even seem all that hard to me.

I finish all the way through the cool-down, and I'm feeling fantastic, barely broke a sweat. Then I feel sorta, well, dizzy. I sit down and I drink plenty of water and I feel ok.

So I take a shower and clean up and change and I'm feeling fine, until I leave the house. And promptly fell down the stairs. I'm a little banged up, but not badly injured. The next morning, it happens again!

I tell my mom and she takes me to the doctor and as it turns out, the movements in the workout have disrupted my inner ear and messed up my equilibrium. The doctor says I'll be fine in a few days, and sends me home.

He was right, but still, I fell down the stairs for a week, all thanks to Cindy Crawford!

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