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The Cheesecake Factory

by Krista
(Boston, MA)

The Cheesecake Factory offers a huge selection of food, sandwiches, chicken, pasta.

It's all sumptuous, but the portions are enormous and the food is far from healthfood.

Not to mention the cheesecake. With three pages of cheesecake to choose from, you can find over thirty creative cheesecakes to gain weight from.

The cheesecake servings are, of course, enormous.

You get your value, but it's hard to stop when you're full, and of course, when you go to a place called The Cheesecake Factory, it's almost obligatory to order the cheesecake.

Comments for The Cheesecake Factory

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What to do about huge portions
by: Dr. Dan


Huge portions and wonderful desserts. What a problem! What can you do?

How about limiting your visits there to once a week -- on your "treat" day.

And even then you probably want to ask for a box as soon as your food arrives. Just take half of it home!

The Best and the Worst!
by: SuzyQ

The Cheesecake Factory is probably my all-time favorite pig-out restaurant and is a definite diet-buster. But if you're on a serious diet, you just don't go there. No way, no how. Unless you have supreme control and are able to eat only part of your meal and box the rest up to take home. Or, you can share with a partner (but that's no fun). But if I'm going to end up at The Cheesecake Factory, this is what I do:

1. I order whatever the heck I want. Whatever looks good and appetizing. Heck, if I'm at a restaurant, I want to enjoy it. BUT ... I WILL ask for a take-out container whenever they bring me my meal. And before I dig in, I take at least half of my meal, put it in the box, and take it home (even if it's a salad).

2. I do the same thing with the cheesecake dessert. I ask for it in a "To Go" container, eat a third or a half of it at the restaurant, and take the rest home.

If I wanted to avoid the large amount of calories, I'd stay home!

I don't know any other restaurant with as many calories as The Cheesecake Factory, but I'm sure some of the Italian eateries could easily compete with their creamy Alfredo entrees. However, if I went there, I'd still order whatever I wanted and take the rest home.

Eat today, for tomorrow we diet!

Cheesecake Factory works for me!
by: Jennifer

I actually find the Cheesecake Factory to be okay for a diet. They tell you right on the menu which things are diet friendly. Granted, compared to some of the "not so good for you" options, they sometimes sound a little lackluster, but the ones I've had are actually quite tasty!

My best advise for avoiding the dessert (oh, the chocolate peanut butter cheesecake is making me drool just thinking about it...) is too drink two or three diet Cokes with your meal. The carbonation will make you so full you actually won't be able to fit in more than a bite or two of dessert!

I would be Delighted in Cheese Cake Factory
by: Manoj Tripathi

I love to eat and I would be delighted to visit the Cheese Cake Factory and and would eat all that they have to offer. I find it difficult to resist when there are such delicacies in front of me. That is why I limit my eating out to once a month. I diet at home but when I go out to eat I am a real glutton. I just forget my diet and throw caution to the winds.

The real tough work starts after that. I get back to my exercise regime and really sweat it out. I go for long walks and jogs and do an hour and half of workout and Yoga every morning. I don't mind exercising as long as I get to eat great stuff once in a while. I maintain my physique by regular exercise.

Cheesey Cake
by: Anonymous

I agree...the Cheesecake Factory helps you pack on the pounds. You can park a ways away to walk off calories each way; you can run to your car and back; you can park in an elevated garage and walk down and up the stairs, but nothing I've tried offset the calories gained at the Cheesecake Factory. If only the food wasn't so darn good!
The portions are probably a little too large and the ingredient quality is excellent. But the real problem is the deserts. I mean, how can you go to a place called The Cheesecake Factory and not have a piece of cheesecake? So many to choose from and of course, if you're there with others, you have to try their cheesecake as well.
That's how the pounds get packed on...sharing cheesecake with others.
Just writing about it makes me want to go back again.

Cheesecake Factory - Deliciously Fattening!
by: Angela F. -- Huntington Beach, CA

Where do I start? Have you ever read the Cheesecake Factory menu? It's like a short NOVEL.

There are so many different choices for lunch, dinner, and of course, dessert - that even if you go in with the best intentions of sticking to a diet, or eating light, it is almost impossible!

From the avocado eggrolls (that my vegetarian friend ordered) to Chicken Fettuccine (which I ordered), to the piece of cheesecake we shared (with a glass of wine each), I'm sure it was a minimum 1,000 calorie meal! Even tho' I passed on the bread tray and took home 1/3 of my pasta.

Noodles and peanut butter
by: Anonymous

The worst restaurant in the world for losing weight has got to be The Cheesecake Factory. The portions are huge, very rich, then desert naturally.

My favorite entree is the Thai Chicken Pasta -- noodles and peanut butter!

Sounds crazy, maybe, but it's fantastic -- not to mention very rich and oily. They put some sprouts on to to give the faint hint of healthiness, too!

Then cheesecake for desert of course. I like the banana one. It's light-tasting, not too overpowering -- but that just means I eat more of it!

Finally, there's my wife's leftover Chicken Marsala the next day. Never mind weight loss -- this is the restaurant for major weight gain!

Cannot Agree With You More
by: Justin

This is the absolute 1st restaurant that I thought of. The problem is multifaceted.
First, the menu is gigantic and delicious ? there?s sooooooo much to choose from that you can always come back to try something new. Second ? they have HUGE portions.
This is not unique in restaurants any more, but they?ve been doing it for a long time. Even their half-sized portions are enough to last a normal person several days.
Third, they have foods of all types ? from regular American comfort food to Asian, Mexican, and European. I challenge anyone who claims they can?t find anything they like on the menu. Finally, the atmosphere is usually really nice. It?s sort of intimate yet there?s always a buzz of activity.
The servers are usually pretty good, and the whole vibe encourages you to completely finish that gallon of creamy pasta before you leave.
One final note ? the cheesecake is too incredible for words and probably has the effect of doubling your total calorie intake.

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