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The Biggest Loser - The Biggest Time Consumer

by Lenore Hempstead

After ordering the Biggest Loser books and such which came to about 100 dollars Canadian, I had to spend my first week reading before I could even start.

As I read from different books I learned it was a little too much like the show itself. I had to pretty much focus on my diet and exercise all day every day.

Preparing meals, counting calories and using the point guide-book they send. Not to mention the ton of exercise work required to even be able to eat (going by their guide and standards)

It is pretty much what we have been told by doctors our whole lifetime. Eat healthy, exercise, rest with a little more time-consuming advancements like counting calories.

I am a stay at home mom but I couldn't find all the time to do things as they wanted.

Sure I was able to lessen my calories and even worked in a little more exercise, learned a few new recipes even but nothing more than I could have looked up online. It was a waste of money.

Though I would love to rant about all the bad things I found, I won't do it. It does have some value for those who need simple guidance, inspirational stories of people who were on the biggest loser, and reminders not to forget about eating more often in a little smaller meals.

To sum things up really quick if you want to try it for yourself just do a little online research (or ask your doctor) on how many calories you need a day as well as proportion size and a few home exercises (or gym pass) and that's pretty much it.

Work hard and you will see results. I didn't need a diet plan to tell me that what so ever.

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Definitely biggest time consumer
by: Anonymous

I agree that it takes way too much time to try to follow this diet. I believe a diet is doomed to fail if it takes up all your free time because then when you're busy there's not time to follow it. A diet should be easy and not require a lot of time wasting to be effective.

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