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The Biggest Loser did not lose anything except my attention

by Ben
(Lakeland, FL)

Like many other people who are overweight like myself watching the biggest loser on TV I thought, "I can do that. Look, if they can I surely can."

So I bought the books and the DVDs and started to make my grocery list from the book in hopes that the food and new workout DVD will slim me down.

The first meal I tried was a turkey spinach wrap and some varied veggies, with no sauce and no seasoning. At best it was very bland but being new to the cooking I figured I might have made it wrong.

Over the course of the next few weeks I tried breakfasts, lunch and dinners that sounded or looked good and yet left me feeling un-full and with a dry bland taste in my mouth.

After 3 weeks of forcing myself to try new things I will not lie. A double quarter pounder was too hard to resist and that was only the start of my slip.

From there Oreo cookies and all the other foods I tried to give up came flooding back.

The book now serves as a paperweight in my drawer of bills in the kitchen and the DVD has been lost to the hole of the entertainment center.

Here I sit still just as heavy. I can't stand watching the show because it doesn't apply to normal people like me on our own.

The food is unrealistic and horrible tasting. With all the flavors that we are used to, you can't expect that bland diets will ever work for us.

And watching others lose weight insults us because we can't afford the luxury of trainers and nutritionists.

Diets are for people who can afford them and have trainers who will make it work. Not for the average Joe like me.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You make some excellent points. I can design the world's most perfect diet, but what does it matter if no one can follow it?

You need a program that actually works for you in the real world.

Dr. Dan

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