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The Bait and Switch

by Jake3000
(Los Angeles)

A lot of fast food restaurants are offering salads as "healthy substitutes". What customers don't realize is that the ranch or blue cheese dressing + bacon bits and extras can rack up to hundreds if not even thousands of calories. One of the most insidious culprits is Baja Fresh - their so-called salads have chicken, cheese, sour cream and even guacamole smothered over top. These are not light lunches, they are heavy meals!

One of the best ways to eat light is to eat smaller portions. In America, restaurants purposely deliver larger quantities than is necessary to give the sense of abundance, but the normal plate may be a third the size. Split your meal in half and save some for later, or simply have the waiter remove the plate when you are halfway through to avoid temptation to pick away at it.

To work off the extra calories, I always go for a good steady-paced walk after a meal. Every meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the very least this motivates me to pursue further exercise or at least gets my metabolism working away at the calories I have consumed.

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Calories in Baja Fresh salads
by: Dr. Dan


Truer words were never spoken.

You think you are having a light meal. You get the Tostada Salad with Charbroiled Chicken from Baja Fresh. It's got 1140 calories with 55 grams of fat and 490 fat calories.

And that's without the "complimentary fresh tortilla chips served with every meal."

That might be a nice treat for your "splurge day" once a week. But if you eat like that very often you are going to have a hard time squeezing into the booth!

Dr. Dan

by: Cheeses


You are on the ball! It's amazing how many of these so called "healthy options" are filled with crap! Only in united states can we make a salad with 1,000 calories, I swear! People need to look out for things with cream in them, its the devil!

If I eat out and want to save calories I always moderate the grease. If im getting something fatty, I dont make it worse by getting fatty appetizers. I always substitute fries or other fried sides for salad and soups. It makes the meal more tasty, too! Places like outback steakhouse are the worst, because you can get a salad and then negate it by eating a bloomin onion!

If I want to strip pounds I like to kickbox or do other martial arts. They are effective and fun!

Deep fried salad?
by: connie

I had a similar experience recently when I ordered the Oriental Chicken Salad and the chicken was breaded and deep fried! This sort of ruined my diet because I generally eat healthy foods so I knew it would be time to really buckle down, so for about a week I adhered to a strict, snack free, healthy diet. Usually, I will get some sort of dinner type salad and have dressing on the side and/or ask for low calorie dressing. I hate to name names, but Chili?s is one that I have a hard time resisting. I love their food and I also always end up taking a few ?little bites? of my husband?s (which is typically something with a lot of cheese and a lot of calories!) Normally when we go out, we are too full to have dessert. When I do overindulge, I throw in an extra cardio workout or two, eat smaller portions for a few days, and not have any little snacks, until I get back on track.

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