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Tai Chi for the first time.

by Gretchen
(Fairfield, OH.)

Hello, my name is Gretchen and I would like to share my story about learning Tai Chi and how it has changed my life.

First off, I would like to start by saying that you have to be open-minded when attempting Tai Chi because it is not something that you can expect "instant" results from, and just like any other type of work-out, it requires practice and focus/concentration.

Back in 2008, I purchased a gym membership with LA Fitness due to a major health concern: I was having what my doctor called "psychosomatic episodes." In short, I would pass out due to poor circulation and stress that I was putting on both my mind and my body.

When she told me this I thought, "I can't believe what I am hearing, I'm only 24 years old!" So I decided to take some of her suggestions on how to battle the problem NOT using just medications, but using exercise and relaxation.

I had read books about "stress management" and "muscle relaxation techniques," but Tai Chi never entered my mind until I noticed the sign up sheet for one of the classes and thought I would give it a try.

I have to say, it was A LOT harder than I thought, but it was worth it!!

The reason I think it was so difficult for me is because I was out of shape and had not been on a regular exercise routine -- including daily stretches of my back and shoulder muscles.

So once I did start "working" these muscles, I became very sore for the first 48 hours or so after the class.

But I started sleeping better and just generally feeling more healthy. I had more energy in the mornings and I felt refreshed and ready to go...something that I had always had problems with before because I am an animal care nurse so life is HECTIC for me.

I would like everyone to know how rewarding this experience can be for them too: especially if you are a hard working individual who is motivated and sometimes feel stressed out and think to yourself, "I need some time for just work, no cell phone, no kids, just some peace and quiet where I can de-stress and allow my mind and body to relax."

The really neat thing that I found out after doing it is that Tai Chi is very beneficial in a number of ways because it can integrate and help "heal," so to speak, all areas of the body in one form or another.

Whether it's the digestive tract, the circulation, or the muscle system, it can and WILL help you relax if you are willing to dedicate some time and effort into learning will be very glad you did!!


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Note from Dr. Dan


Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I think that anyone that follows your advice can make major improvements in their life.

I see this as a doctor all the time. Patients feel down and think that medication would be the answer. And yet what would really solve their problem -- solve it and not cover it up -- is not medication but some fundamental changes in their life.

You were able to face the truth of your situation and find a workable solution. You should feel very proud of yourself.

Dr. Dan

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