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Tae Bo -- The Best 30 Minute Workout

by Mimi

I am married and I am 31 years old. Since I was 16 years old I have always done some exercise almost everyday. I was a member of tae kwon do association in our class, so being physically fit is very important to me.

Before I used to jog, kick and do some weight lifting but when I get married I couldn’t do all those things that I used to do when I was teenager. I am a full time homemaker and I love it because I can spend time with my quality time to my family. And being a homemaker is not easy. You are always busy taking care of your kids and your husband and time comes that there will be no time for exercising.

After a while I noticed that I gained weight. I couldn’t wear my jeans and dresses that I used to wear before and I experienced difficulty in breathing. I discussed this with my husband and he said to me that I should allocate at least 30 minutes a day doing exercise like aerobics or yoga. And then he bought me a “Tae Bo” DVD.

So now everyday before my husband and kids wake up I exercise at least 30 minutes and then when they wake up I am done with my exercise.

At first I warm up at least 2 minutes. And then I will do the punching side to side and then left and right -- this focuses on the waist and the abs so that you will have flat abs. The punching takes almost 15 minutes.

And then after the punching there is the kicking. The main purpose of this is to have strong and beautiful legs.

I am mentally and physically fit right now after using the Tae Bo workout DVD. I lost my weight and I can wear my jeans and dress again. All the cellulite is gone.

Tae Bo is very enjoyable and you will really burn calories. I think you should try it -- it is kind of similar to Turbo Jam wherein it focuses on your abs and your legs. Try it and you won't regret it but instead you will have a great body.

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