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Swimming a mile

by David

When I was 16 I swam for my neighborhood swim team. Everyday after school I would go to my neighborhood pool and practice with my teammates.

One day, my swim coach told us we were going to swim the mile. I was not sure I could do it but I was ready to try. One mile in a regular pool is 65 laps.

I started feeling intense burning after the 20th lap. Around like 30 I just went numb. I was too sore to carry on so finally I stopped at lap 50.

When I got out of the pool I could not even stand up. Every muscle in my body was sore and my lungs felt like they were going to explode.

After about twenty five minutes of laying on the ground, I got up and limped away from the pool. I road my bike to the pool everyday so that was also my ride home. Just my luck, it was practically all uphill all the way home!

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