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Swimming 1000 Meters Butterfly Stroke Non Stop

by beatrice

I started on the swim team when I was ten years old and have been a part time summer coach since I was 16 to 20 years old. Right now I am 26 years old and I am now on the other side of the fence as a swimming coach for a school team.

I remember the toughest workout I have ever done. It was when I was around 16 years old and it was a team punishment for starting the workout late.

The coach was a known terror but that day she decided to exert her ultimate punishment which is to swim 40 laps in our 25 meter pool or 1000 meter butterfly non stop.

The coach was watching our every move. If one of us stops, we all need to repeat again. It was really a group effort.

We cannot cheat also, as she has the assistants watching closely at us.

Before that, we normally have excess kicks when swimming the fly just so we don’t raise our hands immediately because it is tiring.

We can also swim the one hand fly wherein if one arm is tired, I can use the other arm to swim. During the punishment, we did not dare to do those substitutions.

It took me 45 minutes to finish it. During the start and towards the latter part my muscles, particularly my arms, started getting sore.

While I was swimming, I really felt anxious and sad. It was hard at first but after ten minutes, I was able to get the rhythm and the strokes became smoother for me.

It felt like I was just going with the flow. I really felt like giving up, but could not because the team will suffer.

It helped me because I gained a new sense of confidence in butterfly which I previously hated.

The next day, my body was sore all over and I had to stretch longer the next day to let the pain go away.

Given a chance, I will not try it again because it is really tiring and I don’t think any amount of stretching can prevent the soreness.

Lastly, I have never given this workout to my swimmers and I do not recommend you trying this too.

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25 minutes 1000m butterfly without stop NEW
by: Malacca MBMB butterfly king

I train this as the above title daily. 50 minutes for 2000m butterfly without is my recent record.

I use the new butterfly technique called gliding butterfly to minimize my strokes in order to swim longer and further.

Believe or not . Welcome to Malacca MBMB swimming pool . U will be shocked!

Hope one day 1000m butterfly will be a swimming event ..u will see me in the TV.

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