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Suzanne Somers eating plan is crazy but works!

by Leslie

I have used the Suzanne Somers method of eating for many years. At first, it was really hard to follow.

The rules were few but they seemed so difficult to follow. But as I went, it became easier and easier.

It is based a lot on how people in France naturally eat. They eat their proteins without combining them with carbohydrates. They often eat their dessert before the meal.

The whole concept that if you are going to eat dairy it should be full fat with some things and non-fat with others completely confused me.

I continued to follow the rules for a few weeks, not really feeling like I knew what I was doing. But one day it dawned on me that the part that was confusing to me was the dairy rules.

After studying the diagrams of how the fat in dairy worked for or against you depending on what you put it with, it started to make sense.

I was thrilled that I could eat real butter. If I ate it with anything but carbohydrates, it was okay.

Not mixing carbs with proteins was a cinch to do. I fell in love with the lettuce wrapped burritos and bacon cheeseburgers with lettuce buns.

It was like a whole new eating world. What used to be forbidden was accepted.

Being a meat lover, I was thrilled that you were encouraged to eat meat and eggs.

I loved that you didn't have to weigh food, count calories, fat grams or carbs. It is all about food combinations and eating until you are truly full.

The one drawback for me was limiting anything with sugar, fruit or wine. Fruit is a real snack for me, so that was a little difficult.

I followed the plan to the letter and within 3 weeks I had lost 35 pounds without being deprived or hungry.

It has been 6 years and I have kept all the 80 original pounds off that I initially lost and I feel great.

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