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Sunset Station, Las Vegas

by Rudy

Recently, I went to Las Vegas on vacation and sampled many of the spectacular buffets.

The worst diet restaurant I encountered so far in my life was at the Sunset Station about five minutes from the south end of the Strip. The buffet has such a huge variety of fantastic foods and deserts that I ate until I felt like I was about to explode.

I normally have good self control at restaurants and buffets, but the HUGE variety of excellent foods was impossible for me to resist.

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My returning night eatery
by: Anonymous

I had been to Pune for an official work some couple of months back. Through out day I was so busy in my completing the job that I forget to take my lunch in the Pune city.

In the evening I boarded a luxury bus for Mumbai. After half an hour I felt relaxed and I remembered, I should have eaten some snacks before boarding bus.

It is because of Hungry that I started feeling. So I started feeling uncomforted and waited for the bus to stop somewhere.

Fortunately after another one-hour bus stopped near a restaurant and bus conductor advised to have dinner there, for passengers who are hungry.

The place named ?Neigaon? and ?Sikonder? was name of the restaurant. I was in dieting since last six months for which I asked for some light food to the waiter boy. He replied ?no sir, only ?chicken tandori? and ?chicken Mouglay? with rice fry is available?. I asked to bring anything with rice fry.

I started eating with a hesitation, that is due to fatty foods but when my chicken plate become empty I realized I am eating delicious food. I could not stop myself for ordering another plate of chicken Tandori.

0n the next day I realized I should not have eaten such type of food, because some uncomfortness was created inside my body due to fatty foods.

I normally take plain fruits in my breakfast to maintain my body standard weight.

In the afternoon I eat two chapattis along with small quantity of plane veg curry.

As dinner I eat little rice and some veg curry in the night.

I avoid eating outside food because I am afraid of fatty cooking oils they use for cooking

In the morning I perform Yoga for 45 minutes and start my day. Yoga is a light physical exercise, which improves the nervous system of the body. I had attended a three months training course to learn Yoga. I would advice every body to learn this exercise to keep yourself fit and fine.

Finely I advise keep yourself simple at work as well as at home. Eat simple food non-fatty. Do moderate physical exercise and by this your days will be happier.

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