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Struggling to Start Back Up After Bariatric Surgery

by Kathrine Haar

I had bariatric surgery and knew I needed to start my exercise routine. I had gotten to 325 pounds and had not really walked or exercised in years.

I walked during my first year and lost over 150 pounds just from the surgery and walking a little bit.

Once my weight loss stopped, I knew I had to try another option because I wasn't at the weight I wanted. So, I decided that my end goal was to run.

I started slowly every morning by walking one mile for the first week. Then I slowly increased the time I was walking that mile in week two.

At week three I decided to start running 1/4 of a mile then walk the other part of the mile. I did this for week three.

In week four I increased my run to 1/2 a mile and increased my entire route to 1 1/2 miles. This one I got stuck on. I struggled with the 1/2 mile run.

So, I continued to this for 2 weeks. Then I decided that it was a mental struggle. My body didn't really hurt and I knew that I was capable. I had just told myself that I couldn't because I knew I couldn't.

So the beginning of week 5 I decided no pain no gain. So I stretched on that first morning walked for a minute then started running, and I told myself there was no stopping until I made my first mile.

I made my first mile and kept going. I was able to run 1 1/2 miles without any problems. I was so excited!

Being heavy for so long, made me so afraid of working out. I now know that if you set your mind to it, you can do anything.

I have continued running for three months now and am running three miles everyday and increasing my speed every week.


When you're finally ready to lose weight...

Note from Dr. Dan


Excellent results. Congratulations on really sticking with the exercise.

I think a lot of people probably have similar feelings to you. They don't think they can exercise. It's unfamiliar.

But it is doable if you just do a little and then gradually work up.

Dr. Dan

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