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Spinning is tough!

by Adam
(West Fairlee, Vermont)

The toughest workout that I have ever done would have to be spinning. My girlfriend talked me into a spinning class last month and it was very demanding.

You pretty much are on a stationary bike pedaling for 1-2 hours straight. The instructor walks you through it and tells you how much resistance to put on the bike and also what “position” that you should be riding in at the time.

Usually this is just pedaling sitting or standing, but they also have one part where you pedal 5 times sitting – then pedal five time standing up and it continues for a few minutes. It is definitely tough and you definitely do sweat a lot!

Our gym requires that you use a heart rate monitor and that helps a lot. The instructor should tell you how hard you should be working and what your heart rate should be. All you need to do is keep your heart rate in that range and you should be fine.

Although this was the toughest workout I have done in a while – after a half hour or so you don’t feel the “burn” as much. Your body seems to go into a state where you are sweating and should be tired, but you don’t really hurt anywhere.

Must be endorphins or something – but either way it really doesn’t feel that bad when you are done.

I’d recommend spinning to anyone – but make sure that you listen to the instructor and don’t try to do your own thing – trust me on this one – the instructor will let you know if you are working too hard.

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