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Spinning Almost Killed Me - But it was good!

by GKash
(Jerusalem Israel)

I was only about 17 and I had just joined the gym for the first time. The buzzword at the time was spinning. I thought how tough can it be?

All you do is turn around and around in the middle of the room- right? WRONG! I thought I was going to die then and there.

To make matters worse I thought that it being my first time that I should try it again to see if it got any better - it didn't and I haven't tried it again since.

Admittedly I was not in good shape at the time and I had never exercised before. I remember looking at the instructor and thinking that he was not for real and that there must be some kind of hidden camera, because why would anyone want to do this to people and watch them suffer in this way.

To top it off they encourage you and drive you to carry on and you want to, that’s the scary part. You want to show yourself that you can do it, even when your body is screaming for you to back down and walk away.

The instructor is on an exercise bike and everyone else is on one too. With aerobics music the instructor instructs you to pedal fast or faster depending on the class. You get beginner, intermediate and advanced classes.

I was just able to finish the class on both occasions. I wish I could bring myself to do it again.

It is a fantastic way to burn calories and to get into shape. When they say only do it twice a week they are not kidding.

Surprisingly I was not too sore afterward, just very out of breath and my heart was really racing at a pace it has never done before.

What made it difficult was the fact that it is for an hour and you make the bike go up and up with the tension.

Also to do such cardio workout for that amount of time and at that intensity was a silly thing to do when starting a gym for the first time. Get to those spinning classes gradually.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Good point about "Get to those spinning classes gradually."

If exercise is too difficult you won't be able to do it, or you'll get too sore and discouraged and give up.

And if it's too easy you don't get the benefits you're looking for.

You need tools that will help you find exercise that is right for you, that will give you benefits without being too difficult.

Dr. Dan

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