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Special K Diet-Tastes good and good for you!

by Tammy Brown
(Orlando, Florida)

For 4 weeks I tried the 'Special K' diet.

I saw it promoted often on television, and saw all of the new special k bars and cereal boxes with the 'Special K Challenge' posted on them.

This challenge was really easy to do because I love cereal, especially Special K. Also, this may be surprising to some, but there are actually a wide variety of special k cereals and bars (even cereal with chocolate pieces!).

I had a bowl (one and a half cups) of special k cereal every morning along with a special k cereal bar for lunch.

My favorite cereal is Special K with strawberries; it really satisfies my sweet tooth. The vanilla flakes were also very tasty.

I was not very hungry for at least a few hours after eating my cereal because it was rather filling and satisfying taste wise. I also enjoyed the bars because they are convenient and tasty, although sometimes I would have two a day (one for lunch, one for an afternoon snack).

Of course my successes with this program could be attributed to the fact that I was more conscious in general about what I ate after beginning this diet, and stuck strictly to the special k before dinner (so no going out to restaurants and having waffles with whip topping).

I would most certainly do it again, and recommend it to others who like cereal!

It doesn't even feel like a diet at all. And it is affordable! No points to worry about adding up, no strange food or starving yourself. Highly recommend the Special K diet.

Note from Dr. Dan


If this diet worked for you, then that's great.

But by "worked for you" I mean this:

You took weight off and kept it off.

You are now at a healthy weight. Your weight is not causing you any health problems like hypertension, diabetes or hip and knee problems.

You feel good about the way you look and you don't have to be embarrassed.

You can do the things in life that you want to do, and your weight doesn't slow you down. Stairs are not a problem. Stamina is not a problem. And you can walk or even run as far as you would like.

So, if you got all that I would say it's a good diet.

But if you don't like the way you look, if you are still having health problems related to your weight or if you can't be as active as you should be, then you should keep looking.

Yours truly,

Dr. Dan

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