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These Diet Reviewers Say "Special K Diet Does Work"

by Dr. Dan

We've had a number of reviewers tell us their experiences with the Special K Diet.

That's the diet where you eat 2 meals of Kellogg's Special K cereal or Protein drinks each day for breakfast and lunch. You also eat 2 Kellogg's snack bars or protein drinks each day. And you have your normal dinner.

Now, does it work? It looks like the jury is split on this one. We've had several reviewers who say it works and several who say it doesn't.

What is our expert opinion at It's definitely Two Thumbs Down." It's a typical fad diet, unbalanced, poor in nutrition, and really only intended to sell more products for Kellogg's.

We think they ought to be ashamed, but apparently shame is no longer possible in the modern corporate mentality.

Read the positive reviews below. Or click here to read the negative reviews.

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Special K Diet - Hard But Worthy

by Meghan

I recently tried the Special K diet. What most people don't realize is that you can eat a lot of different food on this diet. For the first few days I was constantly hungry because I myself did not realize this.

You are allowed to eat dinner as you normally do, and you are also allowed to eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want.

Variety is the key to this diet. Once I started eating salads with no dressing for lunch and snacking on apples and other types of fruit the diet got easier.

Also make sure you check out all the different types of Special K. They have everything from cinnamon, chocolate, blueberry, vanilla.

If you keep switching up what you're eating this diet is definitely bearable.

The protein shakes were my favorite. I liked the chocolate ones - they taste just like chocolate milk and really do cure your hunger.

I would advise you to drink it before you become hungry. I would drink one about an hour or two after lunch and not feel any hunger pangs before dinner.

The honey nut granola bars were another favorite of mine. They are small though so they don't fill you up much which is a downfall.

I would suggest this diet to someone who wanted to lose a few pounds for a certain event. I ended up dropping the pant size as they claim.

The only problem is that this is just a quick fix. After you lose the weight you have to maintain a diet to keep it off.

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Special K Diet Is Simple

by Michelle Stolh
(Doral, Fl)

The Special K Diet is a very simple diet. You just eat a bowl of Special K twice a day and that's it!

One of your meals should be a full meal. I chose lunch, because when you are working it's hard to get something "light" or "healthy" around the corner.

So it was easier for me to just eat my delicious bowl of special K and super cold milk at breakfast and dinner at home.

I should say it was easy, and I didn't get tired of eating cereal at all. I did notice that I wasn't hungry in the middle of the day or night.

I tried it for one month. I didn't quite lose 2 1/2 kilos, but I'm not that fat, so I don't know if that's an issue.

Also I don't like non-fat milk or whatever other types of milk except for whole milk and maybe that didn't help either, although I have been drinking at least 4 cups of whole milk a day since I can remember...

The other thing that I liked about this Special K brand was that now they have a variety of flavors and bars which makes it tastier.

As you can probably figure out, when you're eating a bowl of cereal twice a day, your box won't last long. So you will need to have several boxes in your pantry. You don't want to get home and see you are out of cereal!!!

Besides, if you buy one of each, you can change the flavor at breakfast and at night.

Also those bars are great when you have sweet cravings (like me) and you can reduce some of the calories! I suggest to give it a try. I did lose some weight, so I can't say it didn't work.

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Special K Challenge Diet -- Easy To Follow

by Judy

Special K Challenge Diet is a relatively new diet challenge floating in the market.

The K challenge basically says that if you follow their diet plan as given on the packet, then it’ll help you reduce two and half kilos in two weeks. These days the television is full of their commercials.

The plan says that you need to eat two full bowls of the cereal twice in a day for continuously two weeks. The cereal can be made with milk (cold or hot) as you like.

There is no need to add sugar in it as the cereal is already a little sweet which will also help reduce your intake of sugar.

Two bowls of cereal can be taken once in the breakfast along with some fruits and second either in lunch or dinner. Basically it replaces your meals.

It further says that the third meal should be full meal. So, I would recommend that you take it in breakfast and dinner and a full meal lunch.

It is wise to keep dinner light. If you feel hungry in between meals then you can munch on some fruits or salad to stop craving for food.

It is also suggested that you do light exercise along with the diet plan. However, in the packet there is no guidance on what exercise you should do. So it is better to do some home exercises which are light and simple to do.

The advantage of this diet plan is that it easy to follow, no side effects as there is no medication involved, good for taste buds, not very nutritious but still healthy as you need to drink milk twice.

The disadvantage is that it is temporary in nature and you need to continue your exercise regularly. But it is good for start ups.

In my case it did help me reduce 2 kilos in two weeks and am still continuing with the diet regime.

I do my exercise regularly and eat full one meal a day. Well it has been three months and I am still feeling healthy. In fact I feel fit and can fit into my old dresses. So that is certainly a good start.

Note from Dr. Dan

I think it's great that you are feeling fit and that your clothes are fitting better.

I agree with your concerns about the program not being very nutritious and also temporary in nature. There is a lot of sugar -- too much -- in all of the Kellogg products that are recommended for the plan.

Dr. Dan

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The Special K Diet works wonders!

by Sneha Nayak

I had heard a lot about the Special K Diet from friends and through television commercials. Since I was carrying some holiday weight I thought of giving it a try.

Unlike most diets I found the Special K quite simple to follow. I was glad that I didn’t have to starve myself to lose weight.

All I had to do was eat a bowl of Special K for breakfast and then either for lunch or dinner. I also started eating healthy food in general and gave up junk food.

As mentioned I also began exercising for some time daily.

I followed this diet for a little more than two weeks. Though towards the end I started craving for junk food again as I was bored of eating healthy food all the time.

However, the Special K diet did work for me. I lost almost 2 kilograms in two weeks. Not only did I lose weight I even felt a lot healthier and active.

I think everyone should give the Special K diet a try as it can work wonders for you if you follow it properly and also include some daily exercise.

Unfortunately this diet does have a few drawbacks. You may get bored of eating the same food everyday as there is no variation. You may also regain all the lost weight if you discontinue the diet.

I, personally, am a big fan of the diet and I intend to continue it till I finally lose all the weight I gained over the holiday season.


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Special K Diet Worked For Poor College Student

by Julie
(Chicago, IL)

When it comes to food, I admit I am a little more plain, and do not mind eating the same things repeatedly. That said, I really had no problem eating Special K products only throughout the day.

One big problem starting out! I failed to fully realize the instructions:

1. Special K for breakfast
2. Special K snack bar or protein water in between
3. Special K meal bar for lunch
4. Snack or protein water (also fruits and veggies or a healthy salad, if you wish)
5. Regular dinner

At first, I was not eating snacks in between. Once when I caught myself daydreaming about macaroni & cheese in choir class at 2pm, I thought maybe I should re-read the rules, as no normal person would put themself through this.

Once I started eating all five times throughout the day, I felt just fine and stopped being such a pig at dinner.

As all diets can be, this way of eating was a little expensive, since you are buying so much brand name food. (Granted I was a poor college student at the time.)

This diet for me was more preventative than weight loss, but I do believe it worked a bit. I noticed myself possibly (couldn't be) creeping up on the Freshman 15.

I would recommend this fad diet to someone pretty comfortable with their size who may be going on vacation or to an event where you need that extra boost to your confidence and flattening of your stomach.

I will add that shortly after this diet, I became a full-blown vegetarian, something I'd been trying on and off for years, and lost 15 pounds without really even trying.

Five years into it now, and I'm still at that size, which I hadn't been since Sophomore year in high school.


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