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South Beach diet - losing weight but very slowly

by Kristian

I am 29years old male, 188cm height and 95kg when I started the South Beach diet.

It has been already nearly 2 months since I am on SB. Currently I am in the second phase and lost only 5kg which is not a lot taking into consideration that I need to lose at least 10kg more.

I am not cheating on the diet and feeling a bit frustrated that it is not working as good as I hoped it will. What could be the reason?

I've been reading all forums and everyone is saying that they were losing the most of the weight in the first phase. Did anyone have a similar experience?

Should I just be patient, continue healthy eating and eventually I will lose it? Please advise.

Thanks, much appreciated. Kristian

Note from Dr. Dan


Your BMI (you can calculate your BMI here) is 26.8. So you are a little overweight for your height, but not excessively.

If you were extremely overweight then the weight would tend to come off more quickly. As you get nearer to your ideal weight then the weight loss tends to slow.

In order to lose weight you need a calorie deficit. However you do this, whether increasing activity or decreasing intake, you need a calorie deficit. This is not magic -- you either have a calorie deficit and lose weight or you do not have a calorie deficit and you don't lose weight.

Five kilograms weight loss in 2 months is actually a very healthy rate. If you lose much faster than that you will tend to get too hungry, and you will tend to regain your weight. Slower weight loss will allow your body to adjust.

So, if you can maintain a calorie deficit on this next phase you will continue to lose weight. It will help if you keep track of your daily calorie intake, and if you do some resistance training (weight training, pushups, pullups, etc.) That way you will increase the calories you burn and keep your intake from becoming excessive.

Good luck.

Dr. Dan

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