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Slim-Fast diet: Lose Weight But Always Hungry

by Jessie
(Greenfield, MA, USA)

I tried the Slim-Fast diet two summers ago, because I was frustrated and wanted to lose weight fast. I was on it for about eight weeks and did manage to lose over 10 pounds.

I was happy because I was losing weight, but it was difficult because I was always hungry.

I was buying the Slim-Fast powder because it's cheaper than buying the already-mixed cans. It wasn't convenient to bring anywhere, of course, but that's probably due more to my own lack of planning.

The taste was fine, especially the strawberry drink, but it just didn't fill me up.

Now granted, I didn't spend a whole lot of money on the diet and didn't buy all the snacks and meals that Slim-Fast puts out. I guess I wanted it all: to lose weight, and to do it on the cheap.

But honestly, while I lost the weight, I would not do it again. All I thought about was food. That's no way to spend your days.

I don't think it's an unhealthy diet per se, but I do think it is unrealistic.

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