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Slim Fast is a good diet but I had trouble

by Linda
(Marietta GA)

I tried Slim Fast for four weeks. I was doing well but I became ill.

I wasn't sure if it was slim fast or something else so I stopped. I only intended to stop for a week and go back but I never did.

It's an easy diet to follow. You just drink a shake or eat a meal bar for two meals. You have a snack between each bar or shake. Then you have a real meal each evening.

I like slim fast because I am vegetarian and there are recipes and meal plans for me.

I rarely eat out and if I do I am not concerned about a diet. I go out to eat exactly what I want be it fries or ice cream. If I want to diet I stay home.

Slim Fast is so easy to do but it gets boring. I know it sounds silly but even with all the different bars and snacks I only like certain ones.

You kind of get tired eating the same thing again and again. The same with the shakes, I only like chocolate.

You have to stick with a certain amount of calories based on how much weight you are trying to use.

I really liked the online component. You can go online and track weight loss and there is a kind of journal for the exercises you do. You can even get exercises just for you.

All that said I will be starting it again. It is so easy and it is hard to find a diet that incorporates vegetarians. I feel included.

I started it because a friend was doing well with it, and I have recommended it to friends. I lost weight, 7 pounds while I was on the diet.

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