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Sixth Floor Moving Day

by Chris Stutz
(Waco, TX USA)

At my university, it's traditional for upper-class students to help move the freshmen into their dorms at the beginning of the academic year.

Last year, my senior year, my group was assigned to the sixth floor of the “sorority girl” dorm -— the one that for some reason all the 'girliest' (read: most possessions and least inclination to do any physical work) girls tended to flock to.

Because of the limited parking available, freshmen had about five minutes to unload their cars and then drive to a parking garage. Every five minutes, more labeled possessions appeared and had to be cleared from the sidewalks to make room for the next car.

I've never sweated so much in my life. We ran up and down those six flights of stairs manhandling everything from bathroom scales to bookcases for more than eight hours!

I am in pretty decent shape, but hadn't trained much over the preceding summer (and I don't lift weights anyway). We had people handing out water, and dorm staff alternately thanking us and yelling at us for putting things in the wrong places.

Some volunteers mysteriously disappeared after an hour or so, unable to take the heat and the stairs any longer.

Others stopped taking anything heavy, and would make the six-flight trip carrying only a calendar or a pillow. They got booed.

I did stay until every last freshman was moved in, and was glad to help. I got up the morning after move-in day and barely made it to the kitchen for my Cheerios -— my thighs were horribly sore.

I still try to exercise on a regular basis, and the Stairmaster is one of my favorite machines at the gym, but I definitely don't do it carrying 30-40lbs! Once was enough.

Anyone can give it a try. During the summer months, ask a local college if you can help with freshman move-in day and they'll likely add you to their list of volunteers (though I can't guarantee how many floors the dorm will have!). Stay hydrated!


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Note from Dr. Dan


You make an interesting point. The exercise machines are great and can really help with your training.

But for really getting a workout there is nothing to compare to the real thing.

That's why running real stairs is a better workout than StairMaster, and riding a real bicycle is better than a stationary bike.

Dr. Dan

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