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Simple Workouts Combined With Ballet Classes

by Nora
(San Diego)

I started my workout with beginner ballet classes at my college. At first I didn't notice that much. But after a while I tonified a lot of muscles. I could see notorious changes at the end of one semester.

But about a year ago I decided I needed to add some cardio and thus I began jogging two miles per week. I added a little bit more with every week.

After about a year I felt I could do some more exercise and decided to add some more strength exercises. I researched on the Internet (youtube).

I tried many exercises. Many were too rough and at the end I found these that I stick too:

For the abs I do daily 20 Russian twists, then I add 20 normal crunches to the front, then 10 on each side.

As for the legs I feel that I do enough exercise going to the ballet class with 3 hours per week.

For the arms I curl 5 pounds in each arm and do 10 pushups. Then I put my arms behind me on the edge of a chair, with the chair to my back, and I work my triceps. I do 20 of those and though it works mostly my arms I do feel a lot of work in my gluts and upper legs.

I’ve been doing these exercises for a year, since I was 20 years old, and so far the results are very noticeable.

Note from Dr. Dan

Russian twists are done sitting, usually with the legs held off the floor. A kettlebell or medicine ball is held in the hands. Twist right, left, right... moving the weight from side to side. If you are flexible enough you can touch the weight on the floor with each twist.

Russian twists work the abdominal muscles, especially the lateral obliques -- the "love handles."

Dr. Dan

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