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Running, weights, and sit ups

by Matt Quinn
(Naperville, IL, USA)

I came home from college for the summer with some extra weight on me, 22 pounds more than I left with. I was determined to get rid of it as I had free time.

I began my work out plan by creating a work out chart. I made a table using a computer listing days as the X axis and current weight, running (min), weights (sets/lbs), sit ups (sets/# per set).

For the next 6 weeks I would run for a minimum of 30 minutes. At first it was hard being out of shape. But after a week or so I could run the full 30 minutes without needing to stop for a breather.

By the 4th week or so I could go for longer but I wanted to save some energy for lifting and sit ups so I'd do anywhere between 30 min and 45 minutes (running on street pavement in my neighborhood).

I'd return home where I would make a whey-protein shake and drink it. 1 scoop of whey protein powder with 12 oz of milk and I was set.

I'd do about 6 sets of sit ups, varying the style. For example I could do standard sit ups, crunches, sit ups on a work out ball, sit ups holding a weight on my chest, etc.

Then I would use a bench press and dumb bells and do various sets of different pounds (as time went on I could lift more). For example, week 1 I'd do 3 sets of 10 reps at 15 lbs. By week 4 I could do 3 sets of 15 reps at 25 lbs.

I'd make sure I worked out at least an hour a day for at least 5 days a week. The body needs rest.

Diet was key too. I made sure to eat vegetables with every meal. I'd make a whey protein shake once or twice a day (as recommended by a physician).

I would avoid useless calories by skipping desserts or resisting to go out and have some drinks with friends, like beer, as those add on unnecessary calories.

I would track my progress on my work out chart. As the days went on, I'd find myself being able to last longer running and lifting more pounds.

As time went on too, I noticed I was losing the weight. It took 6 weeks, but I ended up losing 20 lbs.

It would have been somewhere near 25 lbs but with working out I noticed bigger biceps and other muscles that had put beneficial weight on me.

Music was key too. I would get bored running without an iPod so to keep myself going I would make playlists of music on my iPod lasting for at least an hour to keep me going.

Anyone can guarantee themselves to lose weight by sticking to my work out plan. Run, lift weights, and do sit ups. Average at least an hour of working out using those 3 workout examples for at least 5 days a week.

Eat healthier and consume things like whey protein shakes as most people will find necessary elements to the body aren't being met.

Follow the food pyramid, avoid calories, and work out and anyone will lose weight.


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Note from Dr. Dan,


Excellent workout. You show how valuable it can be to keep records of your workout. It can push you to do a little more each time, and that's the key to progress.

By the way, doing exercises with weights on the workout ball -- also known as the Swiss ball as it was used Switzerland for patient rehab -- can be very helpful for muscle development. It brings in the stabilizer muscles.

But be careful. There have been a number of very serious injuries when the ball collapsed during a workout.

Usually these injuries were with larger athletes using very heavy weights. So be sure that you use a ball that is rated for your weight plus any additional weights you are using.

Dr. Dan

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