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Running twice a day is the best workout for me

by Darryl Utecht
(Cornwall, England)

My best workout is running. I run twice a day, in the morning and later in the evening after work.

I run at the same time every day. All I need are good running shoes and a good will.

My running started last October when I was 32 year old. Back then I felt tired and exhausted.

My friend is a runner and she wanted me to join. She said it would help my energy. I was just curious if it would work, so I gave it a try.

Basically I run 2 kilometers each way (all together this is 4 kilometers per day). I believe that I am in good shape now, I feel great.

Running helps me physically and mentally. It helps to have my friend who motivates and encourages me all the time.

Today I don't feel pains in my legs and arms. I feel much more stronger and calm.

Other people should absolutely try it. I would advise everyone to keep on doing it and results will come. Just be persistent.

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Running is a great way to stay in shape
by: Thea

I have never gone up to running twice per day but doing it once a day has been great. I really always surprise myself on how long and how far I run each time I go out for the first time to start back up my exercise program.

Initially I would just feel like stopping but after pushing myself a bit and finding my rhythm I just keep on going until I get tired enough and slower run or walk it back based on my energy level.

Running always leaves me feeling great and revived. I know I need to get back out there now. I always take too long to get back on my exercise program.

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