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Roller Derby -- The best workout I could ever get

by Marie Lauver
(Memphis, TN, USA)

Competing in the Roller Derby is the best workout I could ever get. It's my responsibility to make my way through the other team's defense and score points.

It may not look like a strenuous workout to the average person but I've been doing it since I was 21. I find it just as hard, if not harder, than football.

With football you're on a field shoving and tackling people but the key word here is - field. It's not a track where you have to wildly kick your feet to keep up with everyone else.

You're having to avoid being shoved or elbowed about - a lot of people do fight dirty. I've had several kicks or punches to my stomach after trying to make my way through the other players.

It's a dirty sport - sort of like rugby on wheels. I have to be alert to duck and spin and jump at a second's notice or else I could get hurt big time.

I get one of the biggest rushes of my life participating in roller derby. My heart rate soars going around the track.

I get a medium weight lifting workout. With all of my gear I'm having to drag with me it provides great resistance.

At the end of my tournaments, before the team and I go out to eat, we all make sure to stretch. If you don't stretch after doing a derby you're going to be really sore in the morning.


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Note from Dr. Dan

You might remember roller derby from the old days. There were traveling teams of professionals with matches in various cities, often shown on television, and the costumes and action and drama were quite a spectacle.

Well, that was then and this is now, and today roller derby is something else entirely.

In the last few years roller derby has had an explosive growth in popularity. There are leagues in countries all over the world.

In Memphis, where Marie is located, there is the Memphis Roller Derby League, with teams like the Hustlin Rollers, Angels of Death, PrissKilla Prezleys and Women of Mass Destruction.

And with competitors like Black n' Blue, Midnight Choker and Mean Chili Bean...

Well, you just better watch yourselves around those ladies, that's for sure.

Dr. Dan

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