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Rock Climbing

by Tyrone Baham

The toughest workout I have ever done was rock wall climbing. I rocked climbed with one of my friends for about an hour.

The equipment that we used at the gym was only specific rock climbing shoes and a harness.

We went rock climbing at the beginning of January 2010. I was 19 at the time when we climbed. I got this workout from my friend who climbed just about everyday for weeks straight.

It takes about an hour to get a real good workout in but you can still feel it after just about a half hour.

At the time I was in about average shape and had no prior experience.

What made this so difficult was I had hardly any strength in my arms and forearms. However the trick was to use your feet more to lift you and keep pressing up the rock wall.

This workout not only helped me physically but in addition mentally. It helped me physically by using multiple parts of my body from my legs to my finger tips.

Then it helped me mentally by planning my movements so that I would not slip and fall off the wall. The only coach-like figure there at the time was my friend and he did push me along so that I would not give up and quit so easily.

I worked by myself climbing the rock walls and it was strenuous making my forearms extremely sore so that I could barely squeeze my hand.

It was a series of different rock wall challenges I did. The challenges consisted of only being allowed to grab certain rocks and placing your feet in certain places or positions.

I was able to finish most of the rock wall routines that I attempted but I'll have to return to them at a later time when I was more physically fit for the even tougher challenges.

I was sore for about a day after I finished the workout especially in my forearms. This workout did make me stronger in my arms and fingers so that I could pursue even harder rock wall climbing routines.

I never got injured from climbing. However if you climb the wall without a safety harness or padded mat beneath you and then fell, you could be seriously hurt.

I still do rock climbing today and I want to continue doing it because I enjoy it and it is a really tough workout.

I suggest that everyone tries rock wall climbing.

My advice for people interested in rock wall climbing is to remember it is not all in pulling yourself up the wall with your arms but also include your feet to push you up the wall.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Sounds like a fun workout. This is one of the keys to getting in shape and keeping in shape. Find something that is fun to do that gets you some exercise.

Anyone should be able to find something that they can do physically that they enjoy.

There's dancing, or roller skating, or taking the dog for a walk... or rock climbing.

Dr. Dan

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