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Richard Simmons! The Right Mixture For A Fun Workout!

by Britney

I discovered how well Richard Simmons workout tapes work one day just out of curiosity. His 80s dance workout DVD is by far my favorite.

From your warm up which is just fast paced to the cool down at the end of the 60 minute tape, you will be guaranteed to sweat the entire time.

The exercises are not difficult for the most part. They're just filled with cardio.

You're constantly jumping around to the tunes of Madonna and 80s hits with a mixture of dance and other exercise while laughing and having fun.

His attitude and back up help are hilarious and keep me going the whole time. This goes for all the tapes I have done by him.

I am not one to usually exercise which is why I was glad to have found these videos.

I do yoga and Pilates as well but those are more for relaxation to me because they don't get me to sweat. Although they're helping me, I don't feel as if they are benefiting me as much.

Every time I do the workout I complete it from beginning to end. I never felt like I was pushed too hard in it and not too little either.

I don't believe the video made me any stronger and I have never injured myself while doing so.

I do this video(s) quite a bit because they even put me in a good mood. I never did them to lose weight or get toned because I don't need to do either of those, but I feel like it is a good workout for my body since I am inactive a lot of the time due to work and what not.

I would recommend this video to people who want to sweat and work off pounds and calories because it definitely will help you to do so.

The background dancers/exercisers are of all ages and sizes which is nice to see in a video. I also recommend this because it isn't a dangerous workout, and it doesn't push you too far or too little.

In my mind, for a lot of people these tapes are the right mixture for a fun workout.

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