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Return to fitness a long road

by Justin Sewell

After having a viral infection (zostella) and being immobile for 15 months, all my muscles were soft and movement was restrictive. As part of my rehab I had the services of a physiotherapist and man she was something else.

She pushed me from day one. Slowly but surely she managed to loosen me up so I was ready to start some proper exercising.

I have always been naturally fit and active. I played soccer 4 times a week, squash twice a week (double session) and walked the hills of Northumberland with my partner at weekends. So to sit around is not something I am good at.

The first set of cardio exercises I did were on the exercise bike. I thought I knew what hard was, but I knew nothing of the sort.

After 2 minutes, my legs ached, my back was sore and my arms felt like they were being stretched and about to drop off.

Next up was the running machine and if I thought the bike was bad, I was soon to find out what hard work was. I was hoping to do about 800 metres, but after 200, my lungs were burning and felt like they were about to explode. My legs throbbed and felt like lead and I honestly thought I was about to die.

I have never in all my years known anything this tough. The weights were a doddle (easy) after the cardio work out and I was happy to do them.

The following day, I found out what real pain feels like. I could hardly move, everything was stiff and more than a little sore. Every time I moved, the pain would explode in my limbs and my head felt like someone was inside with a jackhammer.

Its been hard work, but slowly, very slowly, my fitness and stamina are coming back to me. Its still a long road I face, but I have been through the pain barrier and am ready to progress.

When you're finally ready to lose weight...

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