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Reduction of stomach fat layer

by Mir

I want to know why I don’t lose weight even though I eat less. I have even tried those protein crash-diets some people suggest, but did not see any noteworthy results.

In general, I barely have lunch, maybe just a bite of fruit or salad and a usual dinner which I would not call heavy. But, I have to admit my knack of having a good amount of dessert.

Usually I try my best to maintain a regular exercise routine which varies between an hour of dancing or, a combined hour of running and Ab exercises. I also try to avoid elevators and climb stairs whenever possible.

Yet, none of it is of any great help in reducing my stomach fat.

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Note from Dr. Dan


I don't think you're going to get the results you want with the way you are going about it.

You say you "barely have lunch." That will just make you feel weak and increase your cravings for junk food.

You might start by packing some small meals in advance, and carrying them with you. Then you can have some nutritious food with you to eat throughout the day.

Dr. Dan

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Stomach fat layer
by: Kathrine Almada

I had the same problem. I know it runs in families somewhat, because in some families everyone has a big belly. Men have it more than women too.

We women get more fat around our hips. But they say that's why we get less heart attacks (less stomach fat.)

My trainer told me it's not the sit-ups that gets rid of the stomach fat. It's lots of cardio and not eating too much sweets or even too much fruit juice.

She was right. Worked for me.

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