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Red Lobster: Butter Lovers' Delight

by Grace Brockway
(Key West, FL USA)

My favourite very bad for me restaurant is the Red Lobster chain. I've heard that every meal eaten there contains a pound of butter and i believe it. Of course, that's what makes it so great, too!

Their to-die-for biscuits are deliciously calorie-laden with cheese in the batter and lots of butter brushed on top. Of course the wait staff is only too delighted to bring you never ending baskets of these calorie bombs.

My favourite entree is the Ultimate Feast; it should be called the Ultimate Butter Feast. It's all manner of grilled or broiled seafood, which should be good for you because it's not fried, but then it all comes drenched in butter, with extra butter to dip those delectable bites into.

My favorite potato choice is a baked potato (remember, there's a cup of natural sugar in every baked potato!), and lots and lots of butter to top it off with - plus sour cream, if you're so inclined.

If you still have any room after all that, their desserts are sure to send you over the edge, with yummy, gooey choices filled with sugar, drenched in syrups and topped with mounds of whipped cream.

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Absolutely True!
by: Shawna718

You are so right about the amounts of butter and those wonderful cheesy biscuits! I figure a dinner at Red Lobster for me has more calories than my regular Thanksgiving dinner! I will occasionally enjoy a meal there but then I must ride my exercise bike an extra 10 miles to make up for it.

If we plan to go out to eat someplace like Red Lobster, I usually eat a low cal breakfast and lunch, filling up on fruits and veggies to balance out the impending calorie overload.

At the restaurant, I use artificial sweetener in my tea and low cal dressing on my salad. I figure shaving the calories here and there makes the fattening stuff more enjoyable!

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