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Reached My Goal With Suzanne Somer's Diet

by Jerri Marburger
(Whidbey Island, WA)

At Last I Reached My Goal

I am a 30 year old woman and a year ago my weight was 180 pounds. That was an awful thing that made me feel depressed, uncomfortable and I was ashamed of myself.

I tried various diets, but they were useless. All the day I was surfing the internet for finding a diet that has helped various people and that would help me.

One day I came across Suzanne Somer's Diet which seemed rather good to me from the first sight. So I decided to start that diet from the next day.

Suzanne Somers underlines two stages in her diet. In the first stage the dieters are advised to avoid the food which Suazane Somers calls “Funky food”. These are sugar, white flour, honey, carrot, sweet potatoes, banana and others.

Actually refusing to eat what you like was not a big problem for me. Though I liked nearly all the mentioned I had a big goal in front of me which inspired me.

It is said that by avoiding such kind of foods the blood glucose levels remain stable and the body can burn fat easier.

One of the important things that Suzanne advises is to eat fruits alone and on empty stomach. I should also wait 3 hours between meals of different combination. I should not mix carbohydrate with fat.

Today, only after some months, I weight only 135 pounds, which is a great achievement for me. And now I am more confident and what is the most important, I am no more ashamed of my own body, I love my body.

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