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Rate Your Workouts

The four-star system

Here's a tip to make your workouts more effective.

Give each workout a rating.

Use the 4 star system. That's like they do with the movies. One star -- not too good. Four stars -- the best ever.

Keep track of your progress

You should be keeping a notebook anyway. What you are eating. What exercise you are getting.

That way you can keep track of your progress. What works best for you. What doesn't work.

Now, as far as the ratings go, after you do your workout -- whether it's walking at the mall or doing weights at the gym -- you should give it a rating.

Are you putting out the effort?

One star -- well, at least you showed up.

Two stars -- not too bad. Acceptable.

Three stars -- a really good productive workout.

Four stars -- fantastic! You gave it your all.

The results

This can really improve your results. It means you are keeping an eye on yourself a little bit. It means you want to succeed. And you are working hard at it.

Every workout might not be 4 stars. But you definately want to shoot for 3 stars, 3 1/2 stars. And on those days when you really put out the effort -- a real 4-star workout -- you'll know it.

Do this and make the best of your workout time. You'll be glad you did!

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