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Pulldowns -- 50 kilos is not easy!

by Jemmer Pablo
(San Jose, CA)

The toughest workout I have ever done was when I was working as an expat in Thailand.

I was never very serious about working out but one of my friends became needy and had to sell his exercise machine. It has multiple parts for multiple type of exercise. It has also a weight lever so you can adjust the heaviness up to the maximum of your strength.

One time, I was doing pulldowns -- starting with my arms extended and pulling the iron bar to my upper back. I think it was about 50 kilos and I remember how difficult it was.

I wanted to do 12 repetitions. I felt totally exhausted after my 7th or 8th rep but I was determined to finish the set.

By the time I reach 11th, I almost died and wanted to give up but my determination won and finally nailed down the 12th pull.

My entire body was shaking and I promised that I would never do that again. But I actually did the workout the following day and it was easier.

Too bad, I had to move back to the US after 3 months and couldn’t put the machine inside my luggage so I just gave it to another as a gift before leaving Thailand. He was quite happy with it and still thanks me from time to time when we chat on yahoo.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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