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Preparation for a 5 mile run

by Paul Morgan
(LA, California, USA)

I have been feeling unhappy with my level of fitness for some time. My company was holding a 5 mile company social run. Some of my colleagues decided to run and I decided to use this opportunity to get my fitness program kicked off.

I discussed what I need to do with one of my college buddies. He was a bit of a fitness nut and he gave me some advice and I decided to go ahead and get myself back in shape for this.

I was 28 back then and had not had any meaningful exercise for 2 years. Therefore for 2 months, 3 times a week my exercise regime was as follows:

I would start in the gym. I did some sets of weights to toughen up my core strength, 3 repetitions of each of these 8 exercises:

1) Squat
2) Calf Rise
3) Pull Up
4) Seated Row
5) Bicep Curl
6) Dips
7) Chest Press
8) Hamstring Pull

Once I managed to complete the 3 repetitions for a particular exercise I increased the weight by one step.

At the end of the gym, I was always fairly tired, but after that I took a jog home. My house was about 3 miles away from the gym so it was a good way to increase my endurance.

The first few days of this new exercise regime was impossibly tough. I always reached home tired and sore.

However, after a month, I was fairly used to the pain. I actually began to enjoy the strain and tired feeling I got when I reached my home.

In the end I was fitter that I had been in many years. I managed to complete the company run and was faster than most of my colleagues.

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