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Prenatal 10 Minute Pilates

by Aleyda Farley
(Saratoga Springs)

For my prenatal workout I did pilates, which is basically repetition and toning. All I really used was two five pound dumbells and a yoga mat.

It's something that I'm working on now, since I am pregnant. I am 22.

I found my workout in a DVD in my local supermarket. The instructor's name is Lizbeth Garcia.

I've been working on it for about 4 months now.

Was I in good shape at the time when I started? NO!! Not at all!!!

What made it difficult? When I started I was really out of shape, I was breaking out a sweat as soon as I started doing some basic lifts and stretches. It was getting over that bump and sticking to it.

Did it help me physically? Did it help me mentally? Yes and Yes. I started to develop some depression in the beginning of my pregnancy. This has helped me to move on beyond it and it also helps that I'm getting toned and feel really good about my body.

The only coach was myself and my husband. My husband encouraged me and I pushed myself!

The video instructor was 36 weeks pregnant at the time of the filming and she was overly toned and really skinny and by the time I was done with the five sets of ten minute workouts (core, buns and things, flexibility, full body work out, and standing pilates)I felt like my arms and legs were just overcooked noodles.

It was a one time workout that I kept on repeating and keep on repeating everyday. I will upgrade when I'm done with my pregnancy and start taking harder pilates.

I would call this my best workout ever because I don't really work out and this is something that pushes me, makes me sweat and makes me feel good.

Was I sore afterward? Oh yeah! For a girl my size lifting those dumb bells like that is no joke!

Did it make me stronger? It has made me more toned and will continue to do so. Mentally it is getting me stronger!

I still exercise and it is so great that I will continue working on it.

Oh yes... Any pregnant woman should do this. First of all pregnant women should work out and this does it in a simple way so that you don't feel like you have to be in the best shape to do it.

My only advice is to take it easy. If you feel out of breath while working on it, slow down, drink water and such. Before you begin ask a doctor.

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