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Plyometrics After Weight Training

by Brandon
(York, PA, USA)

Free weights and plyometrics

I started my workout by doing a normal 3 sets, 10-12 rep full body workout with free weights and machines. Then I did a plyometric workout for my upper and lower body.

The workout consisted of using weights, medicine balls, and a stop watch.

Quick jumps

To start out, I did quick jumps for a minute straight. The idea was to spring up as soon as my feet touched the ground. You don't want your knees to bend or be on the ground for any length of time.

The next activity was similar, but now I added a bar with 45 lb weights on the end. The idea was to jump over the bar and not allow my feet to stay on the ground for very long. Again, I did this for a minute.

Jumps for height

After that, I did lunge squat jumps for 2 lengths of a basketball court. The idea was not to jump out for distance, but to jump for height.

Again, the idea was to be quick. As you lunge down, the second your knee hits the ground, you want to spring up and try to get as much height as you can.

Short bursts with medicine ball

Next I used a medicine ball with my partner. We stood about 5 feet away from each other and used basketball chest passes with the medicine ball.

Again the idea was to hold the ball as short as possible and to pass it quickly back to your partner. We did this for 2 minutes. My wrestling coach supervised the workout.

Goal specific workout

I did this workout while in college and we did the plyometric workout every Wednesday morning after our morning lift.

Now, after being out of college for a few years, I don't think that I would do that workout again unless I was training for some specific activity. It could be great for breaking out of a plateau, for example.

Changed focus of workouts

At the time I was in good shape, but it was very taxing, not being used to quick burst exercises like that. I was pretty sore afterward, but I do feel that it was very beneficial.

I still exercise, but now I do it more for endurance reasons, not necessarily for strength. I would recommend this workout to anyone that is looking for something new to try.

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