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Pizza Hut- The World's Worst Weight Loss Restaurant

by Paul
(Fairfield, CA)

The worst restaurant for losing weight is Pizza Hut which can be found in almost every decent-sized town in America.

Sure, weight loss experts may say that a slice of cheese pizza isn’t that bad of a dinner. But who eats just a slice of cheese pizza the size of your palm?

Pizza Hut will be more than happy to offer you an oversized slice of Stuffed Crust cheese pizza for you to munch on as your buddies load up on the Meat Lover’s pizza or an extra large New York style pie.

Sure, they offer a salad buffet, but who goes to Pizza Hut for just salad?

The calories can be deceiving, too. Although a stuffed crust cheese slice is only 360 calories, 117 come from fat according to their nutritional information.

You can take in 40 grams of carbs alone in a slice. If you stop at once slice, you might survive.

If you decide to have a couple of cheese breadsticks instead of a second slice, it’s just as bad: 180 calories apiece with 70 calories from fat and 20 more grams of carbs.

Not hardly the low-carb dinner you’re SUPPOSED to be having in order to lose weight!

Comments for Pizza Hut- The World's Worst Weight Loss Restaurant

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Pizza hut wins hands down
by: Anonymous

I fully agree to this post that says that Pizza Hut is the world's worst place to eat out if one wishes to get rid of extra weight.
Though I am trying to lose weight, I am a frequent Pizza Hut visitor and as a result I'm having a hard time. I normally order the cheese crust pizza. It also results in a large amount of time spent in the washroom early morning without any productive results.
As a matter of fact, whenever I eat out, especially pizza hut, I make sure that I do some extra work out to burn those extra calories.

Most pizza places are bad...
by: Anonymous

Pizza Hut excels at making extra greasy pizzas that can make you feel like a bloated whale!

Pizza can be a well balanced meal, but the problem any person trying to eat well faces is the portion size.

Whether it is Pizza Hut or the countless pizza buffets across the country, it?s easy to overeat on pizza and salad bar. Before you know it, you can consume a few thousand calories after a salad and a few slices of grease pie.

If you do go out for pizza, avoid the buffets and try to buy by the slice to avoid overindulging and skip the salad bar and fattening dressings.

To keep the calories in check, try drinking water, iced tea, or a light beer to wash down your pizza.

Last, go for a brisk 20 minute stroll when you get home. Pizza is great, but moderation is key along with a good walk to burn down the calories.

Pizza Hut - Worst Appetizers
by: sowmyakollace

I am a regular customer of Pizza World. I prefer eating chicken masala pizza. It is rich in calories which always had a bad effect on my diet. To maintain my diet in a balanced way i mostly take low calorie food items such as salads.

Whenever I eat out I do lot of extra work to lose the excess calories. To lose my extra calories I prefer cycling.

Pizza is really great to eat but at the same time we should be strict and very careful in regulating the excess calories of our body.

Pizza Hut = FAT
by: Anonymous

Man, Pizza Hut tastes so good, however, whenever I eat it I feel bloated for a ridiculous amount of time! I am generally a healthy person, I barely eat fast food, greasy foods and I exercise almost everyday! But even I eat Pizza Hut once out of a month, I feel like I ruined all the work I put into managing my weight!! Tasty but NOT worth it!!

I HATE pizza hut
by: Anonymous

I used to like pizza hut but it is absolutely not worth it. I mean I tastes good but it really ain't worth d calories you gain. When I go pizza but I don't buy pizza again but instead Stockholm in tomato pasta salad and sweetcorn instead which I know is definitely better for me.
It is just will power guys.
If you want to Lose weight, sacrifices neeed to b made full stop.
There is no two way about it.

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