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Overweight after pregnancy

by Abitha

During my pregnancy I gained too much weight. I guess that's easy to do.

After the delivery my doctor gave me a stomach belt to help reduce my belly. But I've worn it for the past three months but until now I have not yet lost even a single kilogram.

I hate the way I look and I hate the way I feel. Is there any help for me on this?


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Note from Dr. Dan


With a little work you should be able to take off your extra pregnancy weight.

Unfortunately, that "belly band" isn't going to be much help.

It might be good to start walking every morning. You can put your baby in a stroller and off you go.

Dr. Dan

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Weight Loss after pregnancy
by: sabaedge

Hi. I am Sabarish. The question u asked is really correct. I also had this problem.

I tried to take some weight loss pills but that didn't help me.

Then I decided to take some serious steps. I stopped eating fat items and started to take more fresh vegetables and fruits.

I started doing exercises too. I went to the gym 4 days a week and worked out for 2 hours.

I always did my exercises and then afterward I went running.

Within a week or so I started to lose my weight. I was very happy and then maintained it.

The main thing is, once u lose some weight, u should not doing it too rapid. If you do it will degrade the process.

Just continue the same process till the end. So try out and enjoy...

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