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Over eating is guaranteed in this restaurant!

by Ziya

There is this restaurant in Mangalore, India named “Gateways”.

I’m on a diet of course since 3 months. For the first time in my life I have a lower flab which is so hard to reduce.

So I decided to go on a diet. I’ve been on a green salad diet.

The other day there was this food fest in Gateways. I thought once in a while eating something other than salad wouldn’t make a difference. I visited that place and food seemed to be irresistible. As I am an Indian, I love spicy food.

I ordered for a complete meal which cost me around Rs.250. It included cheese burst garlic bread and cashew-chicken gravy.

I asked the waiter about the calorie contents. He said if you come to know the calorie contents, then you will not have this food. I got a slight hint what he is pointing at. So I thought let me forget that I am on a diet and had that food.

Bread was only a starter. Then comes a Chicken pahadi, which is a very spicy chicken charcoal fried with butter and mint. Then comes the main course food, which included a bowl of biryaani (Indian Special chicken rice) , 5 Rumali roti (Indian bread), and a butter chicken(gravy).

In the end the dessert pops in which has cashew chocolate ice cream with fruits.

No complaints about the food. It was so good that I couldn’t resist over eating.

This was my disaster meal. You wouldn’t believe after this meal I gained 3 Kg of weight! I consider this as the worst restaurant or at least a worst menu when you are trying to lose weight.

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by: Anonymous

Well I have been through something similar. Had meals two days in a row at KFC and I could feel I have gained that unwanted weight.

I had the zinger burger one day and a combo meal the next. The worst was for the two weeks prior to my visit to KFC I was on a diet and with great difficulty had reduced a little weight and now I seemed to have got it all back!

I usually have a low calorie soup or salads to keep the heavy stuff at bay. I had to compensate for all by doing an extra half an hour of gym for the next one week and regret those two days of heavy eating.

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