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Oriental Jades

by David Freeman
(Bloomington, MN, USA)

Now typically when you think of a diet busting diner you think of the grease hole next door or the Italian restaurant that has all those great pastas but when it comes to me, all I need to get me off my diet is to run over to my favorite Chinese restaurant -- Oriental Jades.

The lady there makes this sesame chicken that I could eat all day and although it is good white meat, the chicken is fried and you should see what she puts in her sauce.

If that wasn't enough to get you off the diet then her home made cheese wontons will do the trick. They are perfectly spiced with a good quality cream cheese and they are literally to die for.

The best part is that at the end she always gives away these great sugar cookies.

The portions are huge, a dinner plate is about a three person meal, and then of course there is the buffet at lunch time which she keeps very well stocked.

I have had friends who have had to drag me out of that place to get me to stop eating.

So when I am on a diet I do all I can to stay away from there or it is the end of that particular stint!

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Wonderful restaurant food
by: Dr. Dan

Well, David, it sounds like Oriental Jades has it all. Huge portions, cream cheese and sugar cookies.

Too bad it's not Brussels sprouts that are to die for. (Actually, I do like Brussels sprouts.)

Here's one strategy for managing your weight and still having fun eating out:

Don't go everyday. Have a nice meal out once a week instead. Make it somewhere you really like, so it gives you something to look forward to.

Then plan on splitting up some of it and taking it home with you. These days the portions are so huge. Eat your salad and the asparagus. Take half of your pasta with clam sauce home for breakfast.

And dessert? Well, get one dessert and share it.

by: Thomas

I agree, completely. One of the reasons I hate that walk through the mall (which we are doing to feel better and exercise) is the smell of that Chinese food! It's always so inviting. The worst would be a Chinese McDonald's, of course!

One of the benefits, though, is that it's cheap (also a downside I guess) and it lasts forever. So a $30.00 meal can get you a few day's leftovers if you are able to keep some of it to the side.

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