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Online Success with Weight Watchers

by Clare
(Brooklyn, NY)

I have used Weight Watchers a number of times to try to lose weight and have been successful each time – it’s when I stop following Weight Watchers that I get into trouble!

I was never comfortable with the idea of attending meetings or having to weigh-in in front of other people, so I decided to try the online version of Weight Watchers.

The basic concept of the program is that Weight Watchers has assigned each food a number of points and you are allowed to eat a certain number of points each day. There are also extra points for you to use on the day or days of your choice.

In addition, you can gain additional points each day by engaging in exercise.

Signing up is an easy process and their web site is very user friendly. Now there is even a way to track your points on your iPhone.

Once you start the program, you quickly realize why they have been around for so many years and are so successful.

The biggest thing that I learned from Weight Watchers is to really think about portion size. The first time I measured out what is considered one serving of pasta, I was amazed – I had been eating 2 or more portions regularly for years.

Another thing that is helpful is keeping a food journal – it really makes you focus on what you put in your mouth every day (and it helps that Weight Watchers has truly figured out the point total for every food).

Weight Watchers also puts an effort on drinking 8 glasses of water, having a little bit of healthy oil, eating fruits and vegetables and eating dairy every day and helps you keep track of this information.

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