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Old Weight Watchers Really Worked And Was Easier For Me

by Anita N. Florida
(Sun City Center, FL, USA)

I married in 1968 and begin to slowly gain weight. I was putting my husband through school, would come home from work, cook and sit.

He was busy studying and we were on a limited income (mine), so we stayed home a lot. Well, except for football games and then we sat, ate and drank! Go Dawgs!!

I finally got a jump start on making myself lose weight when my sister got engaged and asked me to be the matron of honor. I found a local Weight Watchers and joined - meetings were the way to go for me. This was back when they had a relatively simple list of foods and amounts to eat.

I purchased the little Weight Watchers scale and lots and lots of canned tuna and got started! I found it the easiest to just eat pretty much the same thing and lost over 4 pounds the first week.

Weight Watchers told me that I needed to lose 35 pounds and, keeping to their diet, I did reach my goal at the end of the program. Eight weeks, if I remember correctly!

I lost a couple of sizes and looked great - my face was slimmer and I was a great size for the wedding.

I did continue to keep the weight off for a number of years, but unfortunately did not go to the Maintenance Plan. This was a mistake as I really did need to learn how to eat correctly.

Needless to say, I put the weight back on and could now lose up to a small person. I still can't think about eating tuna without getting sick!

Anita N. Florida
Sun City Center, FL

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